Saturday, 22 September 2007

Fields - W/C 11" x 29"

I have done this James Toosgood demonstration a number of times. Not sure if it's ok to sell a demonstration. My own collection for now.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Mountains for Train Mural Acrylic 24" x 48"

I had a 2 x 4 foot sheet left so made one more piece for the evolving train set backdrop. Totally out of my head. The bird is not really painted in yet. I drew a bird and cut it out and stuck in on to see see how it would look. Like Kinkade's early plein air works -- you got to stick in a bird for some added interest. Don't think Kinkade is stuck in the romantic cottage box -- he painted plein air since age 12 and has completed hundreds of good plein air paintings (look for an early work of hundreds of his plein air works).

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Recent arrivals

My sister raises Andalusians on a beautiful small farm which has a Victorian house (Kinkade painted it about 14 years ago). My first plein air paintings will be on her farm -- I won't have anyone looking over my shoulder and asking questions. To see Ellen's horses (

Train Mural 3 ft x 3 ft Acrylic and W/C

There is a window behind this panel and it is placed on the widow ledge. This mural is a juxtaposition, a collage which the mind tends to interpret as reasonable.
Be sure to click on the archives above to see about 20 additional paintings.

Train Mural 4' x 4 ' Acrylic & W/C

Part of the train backdrop mural. Out of my head scene.

Wall Murual(s) for Dad's Train

Dad was born in 1914. He and his buddy Ed are building a train set-up in my sister's apple shed. I said I would provide some backdrop color and did my first large scale paintings. They are 4' x 4' masonite panels that I gessoed --except for the 3' x 3' one covering a window. I had to keep the window ledge and did all the justaposing by memory from 40 miles away so they are not seamless. But in a way I like the staggered sense of vision --our minds tend to put it all back into a whole. Acrylic with some watercolor. Out of my head except for the train which I saw in a photo (you can't see the train in this view). I put a bit of blue on the rest of the wall to extend the effect. Each one got a bit better I think.

The Last Run 8" x 10" Acrylic

My son-in-law has been a skier since age three. This was completed in about 30 minutes for a gift. It is acrylic except for an undercoating of quinacridone gold water-color.

Cafe in Majorca 11" x 19" W/C

The frame glare is in the right spots at least and could be reflections of light from within the painting. This one is from a photo with a bit of rearranging the tourists. One guy almost became Alfred E. Neuman but I held myself in check remembering how John Carlson admonished against caricature (Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting).

NY-The Park 22" x 30" W/C

This is a Mario Cooper demonstration from Painting by Design. I did several -- they are already framed and difficult to photograph.
Mario is a good teacher. He was head of the American Watercolor Society for about 23 years. He was born in 1910

Saturday, 7 April 2007

Napa 8" x 10" W/C

This is from a quite small magazine photo of the Napa area which is about an hour by motorcar from where I live. I did it for value practice.